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gaea no. 8 earring, the hoop-la

gaea no. 8 earring, the hoop-la

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Discover our eye-catching bauble earring. Thoughtfully handcrafted, it flaunts a unique shape and satisfying weight. Sold solo, it embodies your authentic style. Mix it up or gift it for a personal touch.

This piece's rhodium-plating on silver keeps it tarnish-free, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic. It is the ideal combination of beauty and practicality for your treasured pieces.


• Recycled sterling silver.

• Rhoduim plating.

• Weight: 10-12g.

• Sold as a single earring.

Size Guide




* Inside Circumference

UK: F  |  US: 3  |  EU+Russia: 14  |  IS*:  44mm 

UK: G  |  US: 3.5  |  EU+Russia: 14.5  |  IS: 45mm

UK: H  |  US: 4  |  EU+Russia: 15  |  IS:  46.5mm 

UK: I  |  US: 4.5  |  EU+Russia:15.5  |  IS:  from 47.8mm

UK: J  |  US: 5  |  EU+Russia: 15.5  |  IS:  up to 49.0mm

UK: K  |  US: 5.5  |  EU+Russia: 16  |  IS:  50.3mm

UK: L  |  US: 6  |  EU+Russia: 16.5  |  IS:  51.5mm

UK: M  |  US: 6.5  |  EU+Russia: 17  |  IS: 52.8mm

UK: N  |  US: 7  |  EU+Russia: 17.5  |  IS:  from 54mm

UK: O  |  US: 7.5  |  EU+Russia: 17.5  |  IS:  up to 55.3mm

UK: P  |  US: 8  |  EU+Russia: 18  |  IS:  56.6mm

UK: Q  |  US: 8.5  |  EU+Russia: 18.5  |  IS:  57.8mm

UK: R  |  US: 9  |  EU+Russia: 19  |  IS:  59.1mm


1. Measure your fingers when comfortable and at normal temperature (or, to be on a safe side, measure your ring size when your fingers are at their largest, it is often at the end of the day.)

Depending how hot your hands are, your finger sizes may vary quite a bit:

Cold fingers will shrink in size, at least half a size smaller. Hot fingers will give a larger ring size.

2. The thicker the ring, the tighter the fit: if you choose a ring with a deep band width consider going one size up (a delicate piece would have a lighter, looser fit).

3. An easy way to measure your finger size is using a ring sizer: an easy-to-use belt style sizer. Slip the slim plastic strip around your finger and thread the end through the buckle to form a ring shape, then adjust it on your finger to fit.

Make sure that the strip ring slips snugly over your knuckle.

The gauge is should not get bent or squashed - a metal ring would not have such flexibility, so your measurement may come out wrong.

As an extra check, find an existing ring which fits perfectly on your finger, lay it over the sizer to see if it confirms your measurement.

Shipping & Returns


Each piece is handcrafted to order, please allow 2-4 weeks for the purchased piece to reach you.*



· If your piece is damaged on arrival, please contact us for replacement.

· All packaging should be returned, a new piece will be shipped upon receipt of returned pieces.

· Packages that are refused due to customs and duty fees will not be refunded.

· We want you to enjoy your newly purchased piece and if the quality of the received piece is not to your liking please contact us within 7 days of receipt.

Please be sure to return the piece in question in the original condition as shipped: unworn, unwashed nor treated in any manner, and in its original packaging.


The following items are not eligible for refund or exchange:
-Earrings (for hygienic reasons).
-Pieces which were modified, customised and/or altered according to your specification. Pieces crafted as highly customised, special request orders.
-Items damaged or altered while in your care (wear and tear).
-Items past their return date. Delayed shipping that is not over three weeks.


If your chosen piece is a gift, we are happy to send it directly to the third party, just write a note with the details and any personal message.


We are always happy to hear your special requests, so please do not hesitate to get in touch and we shall do our best to work towards making it happen.


* Kindly note, our handcrafted pieces may be currently shipped from the following three locations: London, Minsk or Tbilisi. We commit to the outlined in our Shipping Terms four-weeks delivery, and all the materials used in creation of your pieces will always come from our dedicated Hatton Garden suppliers, regardless of the dispatch location.

** Please note, delivery times may vary, particularly during peak periods or in case of extreme weather conditions. Please contact customer service at if you have not received your order in four weeks. YU STEPANEL ships all orders through registered, recorded delivery. Urgent delivery requests are very welcome, so just get in touch at

*** International orders may incur duties and taxes on your pieces once they arrive in your country. Your local post office or customs office would be able to advise how this applies to you, please contact them before placing an order. YU STEPANEL is not and will not be responsible for any duties, levies, takes, etc. in your respective country. Packages that are refused due to customs and duty fees will not be refunded.  

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