The Brand


In a world of bold shouts, there's a tribe that wields the power of quiet whispers. A league that champions the art of eloquence. For those who revel in life's gentle stride and find beauty in detail, we extend a warm welcome.
Here, time ambles along, inviting you to savour each passing moment. It's a place where rush takes a backseat, letting you relish life at your own pace. Here, fashion is a trusted friend that values comfort: we cherish the idea that looking good must first feel good.
Confidence blooms in those who march to the beat of their own style. Confidence radiates from those who need no validation. Unswayed by trends, they adorn themselves with thoughtful accents and find brilliance in the subtlety of a well-chosen accessory.
Join the tribe of the aficionados of understated elegance. Here, statements echo through the gentle whispers of simplicity, and each detail adds depth to the narrative.





Established in London in 2018, our journey began with a desire to craft jewellery pieces that blend practicality, functionality, and distinctive aesthetics.

At our core, we embrace a slower, more deliberate pace in both life and fashion. We prioritize wearability without compromising on style. Inspired by ancient cultures and the fluidity of dance, YU STEPANEL’s jewellery pieces reimagine these influences into modern, memorable designs.

As a family business, we operate from workshops in London, Minsk, and Tbilisi. These cities hold a special place in our hearts, as they are close to our families and friends  our pillars of support and inspiration. Working closely with local artisans, we fuse their skills and expertise with materials sourced solely from our trusted suppliers in London’s Hatton Garden.

Through our jewellery, we hope to inspire a community of like-minded individuals and encourage a more thoughtful approach to consumption and curation of one's wardrobe.