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Size Guide




* Inside Circumference

UK: F  |  US: 3  |  EU+Russia: 14  |  IS*:  44mm 

UK: G  |  US: 3.5  |  EU+Russia: 14.5  |  IS: 45mm

UK: H  |  US: 4  |  EU+Russia: 15  |  IS:  46.5mm 

UK: I  |  US: 4.5  |  EU+Russia:15.5  |  IS:  from 47.8mm

UK: J  |  US: 5  |  EU+Russia: 15.5  |  IS:  up to 49.0mm

UK: K  |  US: 5.5  |  EU+Russia: 16  |  IS:  50.3mm

UK: L  |  US: 6  |  EU+Russia: 16.5  |  IS:  51.5mm

UK: M  |  US: 6.5  |  EU+Russia: 17  |  IS: 52.8mm

UK: N  |  US: 7  |  EU+Russia: 17.5  |  IS:  from 54mm

UK: O  |  US: 7.5  |  EU+Russia: 17.5  |  IS:  up to 55.3mm

UK: P  |  US: 8  |  EU+Russia: 18  |  IS:  56.6mm

UK: Q  |  US: 8.5  |  EU+Russia: 18.5  |  IS:  57.8mm

UK: R  |  US: 9  |  EU+Russia: 19  |  IS:  59.1mm


1. Measure your fingers when comfortable and at normal temperature (or, to be on a safe side, measure your ring size when your fingers are at their largest, it is often at the end of the day.)

Depending how hot your hands are, your finger sizes may vary quite a bit:

Cold fingers will shrink in size, at least half a size smaller. Hot fingers will give a larger ring size.

2. The thicker the ring, the tighter the fit: if you choose a ring with a deep band width consider going one size up (a delicate piece would have a lighter, looser fit).

3. An easy way to measure your finger size is using a ring sizer: an easy-to-use belt style sizer. Slip the slim plastic strip around your finger and thread the end through the buckle to form a ring shape, then adjust it on your finger to fit.

Make sure that the strip ring slips snugly over your knuckle.

The gauge is should not get bent or squashed - a metal ring would not have such flexibility, so your measurement may come out wrong.

As an extra check, find an existing ring which fits perfectly on your finger, lay it over the sizer to see if it confirms your measurement.