Caring for your ecosilver gold-plated jewellery

Caring for your ecosilver gold-plated jewellery

While your new Ecosilver gold-plated pieces are a more affordable jewellery alternative to solid gold pieces, they do require some more special love and care to remain shiny and retain the gold plating on as long as possible.

(And we are happy to be bringing solid gold options to your gold-plated favourites soon!) Now, standard durability of the top layer on gold-plated silver pieces is expected to be 2 years on earrings and necklaces, and 1 year on bracelets and rings as these tend to come in contact with other things more often during the wear. The wear-off may take as little as six months if now taken care of properly, however.

You should always take off plated jewellery before going to bed, swimming, cleaning, simple things like daily use of hand creams and lotions or tendency to sweat (like one might during sleep or a workout) – all affect the longevity of the gold plating. 

Give your new gold-plated silver proper love and care and see it give back by lasting a good deal of time. To extend the durability of your original gold plating, you can take on the below tips as part of your jewellery care routine. 

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ON LAST, OFF FIRST would be your golden rule:  Make sure your hands are free from make-up or cream when putting on and taking off your gold-plated jewellery. Wait a few minutes after applying perfume, make-up or hairspray before putting on your gold-plated jewellery.

Remove your gold-plated jewellery when cooking – oils and other acidic elements may affect your gold-plated rings.When exercising, remove your silver gold-plated jewellery, the sweat and oils from your skin will affect the gold plating and the metal underneath it. Just as well, before you go to bed, just take it off and put it somewhere safe.

Remove your gold-plated jewellery before swimming in salt water or public pools. Before your weekly house cleaning, take off your gold-plated silver jewellery. Even eco-friendly, gentler household cleaners can wear down the gold plating quickly. Plus, you can avoid unnecessary scratches.

Store your gold-plated jewellery separately to prevent from scratching (a soft bag—one per piece – or a jewellery organiser will do a great job).

Give it a wipe with a microfiber cloth after each use to free your favourite jewellery piece from any substances from your body – you had it on the entire day after all!

Wiping it down gently will help to remove oils. You could also soak it briefly in warm, soapy water and dry it with a soft cloth – after an especially hot or active day.

If your favourite is tarnished or lost is colour beyond what a good cleaning can fix, there is still good news: the piece can be brought back to life with re-plating.

Re-plating service will be available at YU STEPANEL in 2025.

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