s.p.q.r. no.7, leō with jasper

s.p.q.r. no.7, leō with jasper


the S.P.Q.R Leō medallions are handcarved and cast in sterling silver, hugged with 22ct gold

The poetry of earth and water is running through the veins of the beautiful set jaspers. Jasper was one of the favourite gems in ancient times and is referenced in Greek, Hebrew, Assyrian and Latin literature. The Babylonians believed that jasper was a female stone.

The earrings are just weighty enough to remind you of the noble materials it is made of.

each piece is hallmarked by the Goldsmiths’ Assay office in London’s Hatton Garden.

sold as a pair, one size.

The S.P.Q.R. collection is a celebration of the brave ones. The collection draws its inspiration from the favourites of the Roman and Byzantine empires, while offering a contemporary interpretation of the staple pieces. Silver, gold, gemstones and lion-headed symbols of the brave for the warriors in us.

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