s.p.q.r. no. 8, the warrior necklace

s.p.q.r. no. 8, the warrior necklace


sterling silver necklace with a jade centurion pendant, hugged with a good, lasting layer of 22ct gold for a long wear in this contemporary jewellery piece. The green of jade and gold – just perfect for the summer

on a lovely spiga chain, there is an extra loop in the chain so you could choose how you want to wear this necklace – short or long

chain length: 45 cm.

one size.

The S.P.Q.R. collection is a celebration of the brave ones. The collection draws its inspiration from the favourites of the Roman and Byzantine empires, while offering a contemporary interpretation of the staple pieces. Silver, gold, gemstones and lion-headed symbols of the brave for the warriors in us.

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