Finding Focus,

a project with Visceral Creative

february, 2019

The short movement film was choreographed by Elizabeth Rose Pick and co-performed with Robert Keates. The film is celebrating dyslexia and all its complexities. Both performers are dyslexic and want to bring positivity to the often misunderstood label.⁣ Finding Focus looks at the right and left side of the brain of someone who is dyslexic. The audience witness the correlating – but not always cohesive thought patterns of the brain represented through the dancers’ performance. Through movement they also share the difficulties with processing and storing new information in the mind of someone who is dyslexic.

As a highlight of the core visual message, Elizabeth wore the Yu Stepanel jewellery pieces in silver and 22ct gold from the S.P.Q.R. collection which draws on the the raw and imperfect aesthetics.

Finding Focus has been screened for the first time at Studio Wayne McGregor of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on February 16, 2019.