authentic jewellery pieces are created under the initiative by article 22 from bombs dropped during the “secret war” in laos, which left this land the most heavily bombed country in the world.

the story of the brand probably caught my eye first of all because i'd fallen in love with the lao land and its mesmerising landscapes last january and so have warmest feelings on any mention, and secondly it was the secret war bombings in 1964-1973 which in all honesty i have never heard of.

the brand was born from the concept of a bracelet — elizabeth suda taking further the local initiative by rural artisan families who began creating spoons out of the bomb scrap metal 1970s.

with each peacebomb bracelet sold, article 22 and the local artisans support their families, community, contributing to village development, cultivation of local talent and demining in laos.

now the network of article 22 artisans expands further to weavers and silversmiths from vientiane to new york city.

1 bracelet helps clear bombs from 3 sqm of farmland.

this is an incredible initiative: transforming weapons to jewellery, cruelty to beauty

love the peace xxx