i was downing my aviation at the lovely town house in dean street when i noticed something irregular on one of the walls of the side street i could see through the window.  there was a nose sticking out of the wall; thought maybe i overenjoyed my aviations. but of course it was one of the seven. fixed by the hackney's rick buckley in response to the cctv cams placed all over the place. apparently it was a controversial and questionable topic back in '97 - "they saw it as an infringement of their liberty"; a bit of a banksy sort of vibey - but also out of about thirty five, ten survived as part of the buildings structure - which is great and adds to the urban myths so wonderfully. look for the seven noses of soho and you'll obtain infinite wealth; look for the survivor on admiralty arch (said to be be lord nelson's second nose - in case the one in trafalgar square falls off - how can you not love london after this!)

dean street nose
yuliya stephanelComment