female nude back view, 1917
the blush accent on the lady’s rear here was considered quite outrageous when it was first displayed
but that was schiele, the egoist, so he clearly did not care! and by far it was his least controversial one
“i still believe that the greatest painters painted figures. i paint the light that emanates from all bodies”— long awaited meeting with mr. schiele [will only be beaten by the meeting with his mentor mr. klimt] at courtauld gallery was short (1.5 rooms) but sweet
loved his facial expressions studies as in the sneering woman with his sister gertrude as a model + the complex and dramatic mother and child, 1910
interestingly, his pre-war angular lines, and death contemplating solemn draughts were replaced by more flowing and more vividly coloured images from 1917 [square=death, round=life… subliminal symbolism??] the earlier works do it for me though, for sure much more interesting as far as i can be humbly concerned..

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