so bernini got me hooked. on a sunny afternoon a kind roman older gentleman treated me to a coffee and showed me around the historical rome around trevi (very random that was, but sweet at the same time!), took me to pantheon, and stopping by the chiesa Santa Maria sopra Minerva pointed at the Elephant proudly declaring it was done by bernini! i really had no idea who he was (ah my ignorance!) the next day, at galleria borghese i met these!

now, i am totally useless when it comes to writing about art, but i reeeallly wanted to scribble a  few words about this encounter of mine...

i know, classical art is not much of a vibe in this day and age, but being in the presence of such a magical excellence of human skill made me feel very very uplifted and happy. i just think we are too much preoccupied by trying to convince ourselves that that glass of water is indeed an oak tree - and it is fun, curious and eye opening, makes you change the angle; but the sheer beauty of "the rape of proserpina" reminded how we need the simply beautiful things like this work to feel the beauty of the moment we are in, of our soul and conscience and of the world.

his strong fingers indenting into her soft young flesh, and the tears on her cheeks – from one, her, side of the story; now look at him all triumphant upfront, holding steadily her twitching body; and the three-headed dog backing the situ up, ensuring he will keep watch, no escape. it is dramatic, but not tragic somehow… it is an internal drama first of all. such an experience…
was swept off my feet by this skill of storytelling – regardless of the media: you can see every vein, every turn of flesh, every muscle and every dent left on the fragile skin. made out of stone after all, but you completely forget – the flesh is so lightweight, yet real.

the other one who knows how to tell a good story is raphael. (some impressions later x)

proserpina and pluto, in gian lorenzo bernini's "the rape of proserpina"

proserpina and pluto, in gian lorenzo bernini's "the rape of proserpina"