s.p.q.r. no. 5 earrings, leō with pink opal

s.p.q.r. no. 5 earrings, leō with pink opal


mismatched silver Leō earrings with a cotton-candy pink opal drop

The Romans hailed Pink Opal a stone of love, compassion, and hope. And poets and bards, including Shakespeare, called this love stone “the queen of gems”.

Each Leō medallion is individually hand melted and shaped to bring a touch of wear and bygone glory of the Empire in these contemporary silver jewellery pieces. The unique handcrafted earrings are just weighty enough to remind you of the noble material and stones they are made of.

each jewellery piece is hallmarked by the Goldsmiths’ Assay office in London’s Hatton Garden.

sold as a pair, one size.

The S.P.Q.R. collection is a celebration of the brave ones. The collection draws its inspiration from the favourites of the Roman and Byzantine empires, while offering a contemporary interpretation of the staple pieces. Silver, gold, gemstones and lion-headed symbols of the brave for the warriors in us.

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