I started off as a self-taught artist, was offered a place as a student at the National Academy of arts in Minsk, but my move to London put that on an indefinite hold, I still was taking part in exhibitions here in London which I enjoyed a lot. At some point I felt I wanted to make things that can have more contact, more resonance with real people every day, things that they can wear, things that made people a little happier, the detail, the pleasant nuance to their day.



Considered design with attention to the shape, structure, form and texture, using warm honest materials like silver, gold, gemstones, wood.

The Yu Stepanel pieces are about wearability and embracing imperfections, leaving the human hand behind them felt in each piece.

In my designs I refrain from unnatural edges, rather, I use flowing lines that allow the jewellery pieces almost melt and mould into your body, become part of you – as they are there to stand for who you are; like your eyebrows or your bones which you ‘wear’ without noticing, but they are there to define your posture, your face, essentially, your being.

They are for you, who takes pleasure in nuances, small details, warm pleasant materials that come from nature, and that wear on your skin well, without irritating or colouring it (like copper would do). You like doing things properly, and so expect this level of quality in things you buy, things you wear, too.

Yu Stepanel jewellery is made for you to enjoy wearing my pieces a much as I enjoy creating those.

Thank you x